Public Sector

We offer a range of services that specialise in tracing next of kin. As well as helping to bring empty homes back into use, we also assist Local Authorities, Coroner's, NHS Trusts, and other public sector departments to trace relatives. Our referral service is quick and uncomplicated. You will have a member of our Public Sector team as your designated contact throughout the process.

Public Sector

Empty Homes

  • Bringing Long Term Empty property back to use
  • House clearance
  • Valuation
  • Professional tracing services for probate, empty home owners and more

Professional Tracing

  • Next of kin
  • Court of protection
  • Deputyship
  • Public Health Funerals
  • Genealogy research tailored for Public Sector needs

Why use Grafton?

Grafton offers this as a free service to local authorities and other Public Sector clients. By giving you the chance to experience our expertise, we can help you to identify solutions and the way forward. When you become a client, we always aim to provide the best possible outcome in all of your tracing needs, from bringing empty homes back into use, to identifying next of kin for Coroners, NHS Trusts and all other Public Sector services. Through our work, we avoid enforcement actions and incurring costs or legal fees.

Key Genealogy Services

We can help you to identify and find next of kin when the deceased has come into NHS, Coroner or Public Health care without immediate family members. We can do the same for probate cases and property related genealogy services.

Professional Tracing, delivered by experts

Let us assist with your tracing needs for Public Health Funerals, Deputyships, Court of Protection, and you’ll soon see why many Local Authorities across the UK turn to us when they have the most complex of cases. Expert at tracing next of kin for Local Authorities and other Public Sector professionals, our genealogy services are tailored for Public Sector needs, and we have several years of experience in delivering these services.

We specialise in bringing empty homes back into use on behalf of Local Authorities

Empty homes are a headache - for communities, housing services and environmental health. We can provide for a quick and efficient service to deal with empty property. For example, we can:

  • Arrange for properties to be cleared and secured

  • Provide a full valuation service and sale service

If the empty home is causing issues for councils and neighbours, let us know details of the property here and we can trace the owner and help to get the property back in use.

Many thousands of empty properties lie vacant or derelict around the country. Where the owner has, or is thought to have, passed away we can trace next of kin efficiently and engage with them directly to bring the home back into use.

If the empty property owner is living, we can try and re-engage with them to try and resolve any issues around the empty property.

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