The Grafton Story

Grafton is a family of companies, comprising property specialists, genealogists and asset reunification experts.

The Grafton Story

We provide a professional genealogical and legal research service for everyone. With experience as diverse as locating unclaimed shares or beneficiaries in complex probate cases, we can help legal firms, councils and individuals.

Rather than being simply a tracing agency we employ a range of industry available databases, as well as our own proprietary research systems developed over the past twenty years.

Public Sector Genealogy Services

Chris Grogan has over 15 years of experience in the Public Sector, with the last 8+ years spent in genealogy. Having worked across many facets of the sector, he understands the complexities and unique challenges local authorities face, and how best to tackle them in a sensitive and appropriate manner.

Property Expertise

Mark Byrne is a property expert, and a pioneer in Public Sector property solutions. He formed the unique and innovative Grafton Empty Homes over twenty years ago, a company that remains the best Public Sector property solution company in the UK. Mike McGovern and Sarah Ryan joined later, allowing Grafton to continue to offer unique and expert services in the asset reunification part of the business.

Empty Homes

We bring empty property back into use for the benefit of the local authority and the community.

Thanks to strong relationships built over the years with property professionals and property experts, our Public Sector services are second to none.

We provide exclusive solutions for the Public Sector and Legal Profession.

Asset Reunification

Mike McGovern has been instrumental in creating Grafton’s expertise at tracing missing beneficiaries and legal documentation; arranging share sales; as well as preparing worldwide family trees over three and sometimes four generations. 

Following a career in politics, TV news, and finance, Sarah Ryan joined the team to deliver asset reunification services. She carried out missing shareholder programmes for several publicly traded companies and assisted with the acquisition of Devynock Probate Research Ltd, and continues to steer Devynock as a complementary business to the Grafton family. 

Devynock is now part of the Grafton family, and holds a unique and extensive database of company share registers from mergers and acquisitions over years, many of which are no longer available at Companies House or on share registers.

Grafton continues to focus on asset reunification, we love what we do and take immense pride in our work. We are experts in identifying unclaimed assets of any kind and locating the entitled owners.

Mission Statement

At our core, we value integrity and excellence. Our customers mean everything to us, and we strive to provide you with the absolute best.  Our mission is to guide you through complex processes and make them easier to understand.  We want you to have an exceptional experience with us, one that helps you become better off in every way possible.

Meet the Team

Mark Byrne

Founder & Director

Mike McGovern

Co-Founder & Director of Finance

Sarah Ryan

Co-Founder & Director of Operations

Chris Grogan

New Business Director

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